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Animating Lazymuffins pirate talk submission

2009-08-30 21:55:14 by shawnsimz

i asked him and he said sure
so i already animated ''ARGH hey there chum!!, oh hey jeff"
the rest shall be done soon

but i do have school to start in a couple of days
ima late starter

edit: fixed the cum word

Animating Lazymuffins pirate talk submission


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2009-08-31 05:41:50

oops i said cum instead of chum
how stupid am i ?


2009-09-02 21:02:48

lol, cum!


2009-09-03 21:35:45

fucking brilliant animations

shawnsimz responds:



2009-09-08 10:24:06

hello, i like you'r zelda on art portal & nice short flash's on Forum :D

idea for small flash: there is a guy .. and that guys hand is coming out
of it's mouth and taking it's eye off and getting back inside the head and
then the hand comes out of it's empty eye and comes little bit out of the
head and then it's going back and leaves the eye back to way it was
beginning ..

this is small thing i made up in my head & if you wanna hear more small
flash ideas .. let me know :D